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54th Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies

"Our democratic faith is more than the creed of our country, it is the inborn hope of our humanity, an ideal we carry but do not own, a trust we bear and pass along. And even after nearly 225 years, we have a long way yet to travel." - President George Walker Bush

On January 18, 2001, Inaugural events commenced for George W. Bush as the 43rd President of the United States. The theme of the 54th Inauguration is 'Celebrating America's Spirit Together.' The Inaugural events were designed to honor our nation's traditions and our unique achievements as Americans.

The Inaugural ceremony dates back to April 30, 1789, when our nation's first president, George Washington, took his oath of office on Wall Street in New York. Thomas Jefferson was the first president to be sworn-in to office in the new nation's capital of Washington, DC. In 1933, the Constitution was amended to establish January 20th as the official Inauguration date. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the first president to be sworn-in under this amendment.

Tens of thousands of Americans came from accross our country to witness the 43rd peaceful transfer of presidential authority to George W. Bush. The President acknowled his understanding of our nation's divided spirit in his inaugural address.

Bear witness to the ceremonies of first historic Presidential Inauguration of our new milenium. Get a sense of the demonstrations and bitter rain that tainted our Nation's most sacred moment. Our DCpages Staff has created this documentary gallery with the comments of our community and recording this historic celebration by using digital stills and a 360-degree panoramic filming process developed by RemoteReality.

The DC Pages would like to dedicate this page to the efforts of:

Scott Nurmi, Daniela Ricci, Delante Lewis, Douglas White, Remote Reality, and our online community . Without a cooperative effort this gallery would not be possible.

Luke A. WIlbur
DCpages Inaugural Event Editor
Please feel free to post your editorial on George W. Bush's Presidential Inauguration or comment on this gallery on our Political Platform Message Forum.
In the near future, we will enhance our 360-degree filming process by incorporating sound and "video" like motion. If you would like DCpages to film your special event email us at: specialevent@dcpages.com

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