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Building Community Web Sites

Online Community Network Portals are groups of businesses, customers or employees with common interests that interact via the Internet.Currently, everyone is using Internet/Intranet technologies to integrate portal visits into their online experience. Community Network Portals are one of the most powerful metaphors since the advent of a windowed desktop. From home users to corporate staff, it is rare that interaction with a computer involves a single information resource. Users are required to "surf" numerous sites, Over the past year, we have garnered more attention than any other Internet/Intranet technology service representing the District of Columbia.

DCpages is a Community Service Provider (CSP) that assembles "portals" for both the Internet (World Wide Web) and Intranet (In-house, Non-public, Web sites) that develop and promote site organization, user friendly formatting and access. Some have gone so far to call our community the next generation of desktop computing. Proclaiming what 18th century railroads did to build an infrastructure for the industrial revolution, our use of portal applications will do for global technology.

With your needs in mind, we will design, install and implement application portals to meet your specific requirements, DCpages will developed a new and innovative format displaying a user-friendly layout of information completing the needs of your novice user to the most experienced web-head. Our community network of portal applications include message boards, free Email accounts, an online "Link" directory, and our Events Calendar detailing what is happening around town and include your corporate news and announcements.

Our Core Focus

Integrating input from our Online Communities, we build scalable portal applications for small business entrepreneurs as well as, large corporations and trade associations. Our editorial and programming capabilities afford us the opportunity to assemble informational resources from our DC based users to our network of communities including San Francisco, California and Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, we can create restricted access using a pyramid of hierarchy or provide public access to a wide range of audiences.

Thinking as a User

With Intranet portal applications you can organize and integrate business data to meet the needs of staff members providing them an easy avenue to a wide range of services. If Intranet portal applications are deficient in database knowledge then under utilization is emanate -- and hence, employees will possibly miss important organizational information. Our portal application programmers employ the knowledge of senior level officials and staff to create a managable media environment that encourages employees to use the Intranet as part of their daily activities. Your Web site will mirror the structure and purpose of your company.

The Portal Defined

Realizing the need to consolidate the management of Intranet information and applications to reside under a single web site, portals provide a new and effective media to communicate with customers, employees and suppliers. However, companies face the challenge of developing flexible and responsive systems that accommodate their valued investments through diverse and changing informational needs. Again, this information may or may not be secured and is available online at any given time. This access enhances the opportunity for telecommuting as well as, providing a communal system that allows for multi- user access to information.

Building Friendships in the Community

DCpages assists government institutions, chambers of commerce, corporate enterprises, and non-profit groups to harness and manage information to create a positive Web experience for the entire organization; a web site that defines the objective and configuration of your company. Most web sites are just information, our "community-based" sites provide a web experience that reflects the mission of your company.

Developing Your Community

With 10+ years of experience, DCpages has been the premier flagship of uniting organizations throughout the community. DCpages Community portal applications can be deployed as business-to-employee, business-to-business or city-to-city. Portal applications increase employee productivity by eliminating the need to visit numerous Web sites and open the gateway for a hand-in-hand partnership to strengthen the joint ventures between local and regional communities. Currently, DCpages is in the development stages of launching gateway portals throughout the U.S. as well as Yokohama, Japan and Berlin, Germany.

Application Service Gateway

DCpages combines its back-end aggregation technology comprised of programming, editing and filming with its front-end personalized client attention into a single user-driven, point-and-click Community service gateway. To meet customer requirements, our programmers, designers and content writers customize and tailor all portal products to obtain this goal. Our quality product offers an uncomplicated method of collecting and disseminating accurate, timely and relevant information through a cost conscious and effortless process.

Selecting Applications

The applications we develop are tested and integrated into our Online Community Network prior to release for commercial use. Online users and subscribed organizations can select from our menu of communication applications including but not limited to: message boards, classifieds, employment opportunities, searchable "link" directories, knowledge databases, free email and internet dial-up services, real-time lines, local weather reports, stock market analysis, panoramic virtual media, advertisement and promotion databases and web site tracking tools. Our product demonstration consists of 40,000+ active community channels visited by thousands of people everyday. DCpages provides a forum for our staff to create and maintain a continuous two-way dialogue with our members. The instant feedback we recieve improves the speed and quality of our applications.

Design and Development

DCpages will supply your organization a platform for business-wide collaborations including the necessary hierarchy of features to support global access. In addition to providing consulting services for dial-in access DCpages will develop web based Internet/Intranet portal applications. Our premise is once users access your personalized page, they won't want to leave.

Connecting To Our Growing Community

A key part of developing your portal applications is getting noticed. DCpages is linked to all major search engines, directories, and our growing portal applications in Washington, DC and throughout our Online Community. Portal Cross-referencing is available to over 40,000+ pages. Information pages are updated daily with a link to your portal. Our mission is to promote all of our communities in a cooperative effort. Through this effort promotion costs remain at a minimum and benefit our network portals as a whole.

Contact Information
Infohall LLC
9813 Belhaven Road
Bethesda, Maryland 20817
Tel : 301.493-9273

Community Development Contact:
Luke Wilbur

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