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ATA - American Trucking Associations

The mission of the American Trucking Associations, Inc., is to serve and represent the interests of the trucking industry with one united voice; to influence in a positive manner Federal and State governmental actions; to advance the trucking industry’s image, efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability; to provide educational programs and industry research; to promote safety and security on our nation’s highways and among our drivers; and to strive for a healthy business environment.
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Trailer hitch shopping can be a rough task. When you look for a trailer hitch for your vehicle, the store you would typically buy it from has to page through the catalog to find your car, or one close to it in description, and then find the hitches that fit it.
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Light Truck Service

Light Truck Service Company for all your truck and SUV repair needs, serving Maryland, Northern Virginia and the D.C. metro area.
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Truck Manufacturers Association

The TRUCK MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION (TMA) is a not-for-profit technical trade association headquartered in Washington, DC. Members are partnerships, or corporations, with principal headquarters located in North America, actually engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and sale of Class 6, 7, and 8 medium and heavy-duty trucks, truck chassis or truck tractors with greater than 8845 kilogram (19,500 pounds) gross vehicle weight rating in North America.
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Truck Renting & Leasing Association (TRALA)

TRALA is a voluntary, non-profit national trade association founded in 1978 to serve as a unified and focused voice for the truck renting and leasing industry. TRALA's mission is to foster a positive legislative and regulatory climate within which companies engaged in leasing and renting vehicles and trailers, as well as related businesses, can compete without discrimination in the North American marketplace.
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