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Biz Day Washington

Today's local and national business news, DC economic development andimportant business links, WWW.Magnet venture capital, business opportunityads and Job Central job search.
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 1  Customer Satisfaction Services

How do your customers view your business? We can tell you. Our firm has been providing clients of all sizes with customer satisfaction programs since 1998. We offer mystery shopping, online comment cards, 1800 feedback and small market studies. Call us today to see just how our programs can increase your profits! Proven!
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Federal Acquisition Jumpstation

Federal Acquisition Jumpstation isdesigned to provide the business community a central starting point to quickly access federal procurement documents andestablishing a "single face" for federal acquisitions.
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Service Manuals and User Manuals

Service Manuals and User Manuals for electronic and electric equipment
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Small Business Advisor

Provides assistance to the entrepreneur and small business owner in the form of books, consulting services, and special reports.
ID Number : 2823
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The Brookings Institution

In its research, The Brookings Institution functions as an independent analyst and critic, committed to publishing its findings for the information of the public. In its conferences and activities, it serves as a bridge between scholarship and public policy, bringing new knowledge to the attention of decisionmakers and affording scholars a better insight into public policy issues.
ID Number : 18848
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The Commerce Business Daily Net.

The Commerce Business Daily (CBD) lists notices of proposed government procurement actions, contract awards, sales ofgovernment property, and other procurement information. A new edition of the CBD is issued every business day.
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The Motley Fool

Get valuable financial freebies when you register with The Motley Fool.
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Washington Post Business Directory

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive,convenient tool for accessing information on businesses in the Greater Washington area. We welcome your feedback.
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