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.Mark's My Free

Come see my adventures around DC as I hit the town! Join in the fun, submit your pictures, share your adventures on the msg board!
ID Number : 18849
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a place called home

ID Number : 4595
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American Weimar: Hannah Arendt and De Jure Authority

research web page devoted to life and works of Hannah Arendt, a German Jewish emigré politicalphilosopher and writer.
ID Number : 4297
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Barbra Streisand Music Guide

Mark Iskowitz, Alexandria, VA, US Over 50 pages featuring a comprehensive, annoted discography of official,commercially released audio recordings, and more.
ID Number : 2808
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Cramer Family

Hi; This is the home page of the Cramer Family. We live in Northern Virginia near Washington DC.
ID Number : 1922
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David Coon's Internet Homepage

Personal Homepage
ID Number : 5782
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Gorm the Wired Viking

Flummoxed? See Gorm's comments on love, money, friends, life, the future. Or have him custom-build you a proverb. He can also adjust your age.
ID Number : 2673
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Home Improvement Resources

Home improvement tips and resources for Washington DC residents.
ID Number : 21220
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Jim Kingdon's home page

My home page: the usual collection of links, information about me, and random stuff. To be honest, the #1 reason I maintain it is so that I have a place to put links and such, for my own use.
ID Number : 9314
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Judy Smith's Home Page

Links to Quiltart, bringing contemporary quilting to the WWW since 1995, and to, featuring collectible jewelry on the web.
Show Details | Visit Page | ID Number : 2670
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National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF) is a national advocacy and lobbying organizationpromoting tolerance of sexual minorities and of those who engage in, write about, or study sexual minoritypractices among consenting adults. The NCSF constituency is broad and includes people of all orientations.The NCSF has a specific commitment to the SM-Leather-Fetish community whose members continue to bevictimized and discriminated against because of their sexual expression.
ID Number : 9420
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Pictish Nation

World's first site dedicated to presenting the history of the extinct ancient people of Scotland known to history as Picts.
ID Number : 2645
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Steve's Ant Farm

Check out an interactive camera pointed at an ant farm. Lots of ant linksand information is also available.
ID Number : 2754
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Ted Hovis home page

Home page for DC Area singer/guitarist/songwriter Ted Hovis.
ID Number : 9222
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