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District of Columbia Fire Department cannot find the words to express how sorry we are for your loss. The supreme sacrifice that was made by members of your department will never be forgotten by anyone.
ID Number : 17337
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Federal Bureau of Investigation

The FBI has established a toll-free telephone number for anyone with information regarding the incidents on September 11 in New York City and the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Please call 1-866-483-5137 with any information. A form has also been placed on the Internet at to report information.
ID Number : 17339
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Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA headquarters continues to operate on a 24-hour basis and more than 2,250 federal personnel are deployed to respond to these incidents.
ID Number : 17338
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Metropolitan Police Department

In order to keep emergency communications lines as available as possible, the Department encourages residents to call 9-1-1 only for in-progress or life-threatening incidents. Police officers will be dispatched to these emergency incidents. Residents also are asked to be vigilant about suspicious activities or packages in their neighborhoods, but to call 3-1-1, the police non-emergency number, for these reports.
ID Number : 17336
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Public Safety Communications Center

In July 2001, the District of Columbia inaugurated a new, state-of-the-art Public Safety Communications Center that will improve 9-1-1 service for District residents, worker, and visitors. Located on McMillan Drive, NW, the PSCC combines state-of-the-art technology with a modern facility that enhances agency coordination and improves employee productivity. For the first time, police and fire/emergency medical services communications personnel are located in the same facility to more efficiently answer and dispatch calls for service.
ID Number : 17330
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