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 1  Kidsave Weekend Miracles Program

More than 300 children in foster care in the District of Columbia are waiting for an adoptive family. Make a difference in the life of one child-become a Weekend Miracles host, mentor or adoption advocate. Help one child find a permanent loving home.

The goal of the Kidsave Weekend Miracles program is to help 40 other children (12 and up) find adoptive families every year. To succeed, we need a host family, an advocate and a mentor for each waiting child. Host families welcome a youth into their home for a series of weekends and, through Kidsave sponsored events and their circles of friends, help that youth meet others in the community. Advocates help Kidsave and the host family expand the circle of people who know or know about the waiting youth and his or her need for an adoptive family. Mentors befriend a youth and share experiences and activities.

Through Weekend miracles, miracles happen. As community members get to know a waiting youth, they become committed to helping that youth find a family. A host family or family member or friend may decide to adopt the youth. Others who come in contact with the youth are inspired to become mentors or advocates. Join us and make a difference in the life of one child.

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 2  StandUp for Kids - DC

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development - 44% of our homeless population are youth. Without proper action to deal with the crisis of homelessness as a whole, our homeless youth and at-risk youth will continue to be vulnerable and suffering. Please join us at and register as a volunteer.
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