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Music : Von Bingen: Heavenly Revelations

Hildegard von Bingen, in the tradition of many female composers, was not popular during her lifetime. Given to the convent by her parents as a tithe at eight years old, she spent her life there, composing a great body of work as both musician and poet. This hour-long collection of hymns, sequences, antiphons, and responds, recorded in '93, is a beautiful representation of the sensuality of Hildegard's work. Included are English translations for all chants, displaying her colorful imagery and ethereal accounts of visions and inspirations, as well as her individualistic view of high Benedictinism.
ID Number : 19369
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Video : Abraham (1994)

Emmy winner Joseph Sargent brings us the first in a series of magnificent Biblical epics from Turner Home Entertainment. Abraham is a powerful film, based on the most dramatic and moving tale from the Old Testament in which an ordinary shepherd is called upon by God to show his abiding faith in extraordinary ways. Abraham (Richard Harris, Unforgiven and Academy Award nominee for The Field) and his wife. Sarah (Barbara Hershey, Beaches and A Dangerous Woman) heed a divine command to leave home and embark on a difficult journey. Join them on this dramatic odyssey through the desert that leads them to the Promised Land, Canaan, where Abraham would become father to countless future generations. Witness the endless trials and tribulations Abraham must overcome to keep his faith, including the ultimate one: God's command that Abraham sacrifice his beloved son, Isaac. Abraham is a powerful and moving Biblical epic with timeless appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds. It is a suspenseful, action-packed film with ground-breaking special effects. Experience for yourself the intrigue, passion, and the glory of Abraham.
ID Number : 19383
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Video : Brother Sun, Sister Moon (1973)

The movie represents, in my opinion, the true beauty of the Franciscan charism. The joy, simplicity and love that our Saint Francis embodied. I felt that Mr. Faulkner was an EXCELLENT choice for the lead role - he couldn't have been any closer to what I imagine Francis being. The director, Franco Zeffirelli, has done notable films ("Endless Love" NOT among his best). If you are a fan of the famous "Jesus of Nazareth", then I would suggest viewing this. In any case, this is a wonderful little film to get you acquainted with this timeless saint.
ID Number : 19372
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Video : Heritage - Civilization and the Jews (2001)

Over the course of nine hours, this sumptuous PBS documentary from 1984 chronicles the history of the Jewish people from biblical times through the 20th century. This is not, however, a documentary solely about Judaism; it is instead an in-depth look at the history of Jewish interaction with the world at large, a look at how Jews have shaped communities around them and how the communities around them have shaped the Jews. Host Abba Eban, who has served as foreign minister of Israel and Israeli ambassador to the U.N., is authoritative and knowledgeable in his explications. Using paintings, artifacts, modern cinematography of ancient sites, readings, and theatrical music, Eban brings drama and tension to events long past. The spanning of five millennia necessitates at times briefer detail than a viewer may like, yet it also provides a sampling of history that may provoke the viewer into seeking more information. This marvelous set should be experienced by anyone who desires a greater understanding of the Western world and the role of the Jews in shaping it.
ID Number : 19378
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Video : Jesus of Nazareth (1977)

A vivid, accurate portrayal of the life of Christ. One of the most popular TV movies ever shown, enhanced by an all-star cast. Includes a complete study manual.
ID Number : 19370
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Video : Joan of Arc (1999)

A strong cast, impressive production values, and astute direction distinguish this generally successful dramatization of the tumultuous life of the 15th-century French heroine whose military victories were eclipsed by her martyrdom. At the heart of the story is the conflict between the teenager's simple but fierce faith and the more complex political and theological issues that influence her downfall, a theme fleshed out through the portrayals of the young warrior's liege, the Dauphin (later King) Charles, and the Bishop Cauchon.
ID Number : 19374
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Video : King of Kings (1961)

This 1961 version of Jesus' story gives historical context to the best-known Biblical tale and features many memorable moments, such as a moving Sermon on the Mount and a vixenish Salome dancing for her stepfather in a performance that rivals today's MTV video offerings. Orson Welles keeps the 168-minute film moving along with informative narration helpful to those who haven't read the New Testament in a while. Made with backgrounds that resemble Southern California more than Palestine and a European and American cast--including a blonde, blue-eyed Jesus and an Irish-accented Mary--this movie has the definite stamp of Hollywood.
ID Number : 19382
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Video : Passover at Bubbe's (1990)

Great for Children
ID Number : 19380
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Video : Rugrats: Passover (1996)

Great for Children
ID Number : 19379
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Video : Shalom Sesame Show #10:Passover

Great for Children
ID Number : 19381
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Video : The Bible - Esther (2000)

The biblical story of Esther, the Jewish woman who saved her people when they faced annihilation, is told in this production featuring British actress Louise Lombard in the title role and F. Murray Abraham as Mordecai, Esther's cousin and foster father. As a girl living under Persian rule, Esther was essentially kidnapped and taken into the harem of the king, Xerxes. The king, taken by her beauty, made her his queen, and as dramatized in the film, she found herself involved in a delicate balancing act between the ruling Persians and her own Jewish people. While this is a fairly elaborate production with a solid supporting cast, it proceeds at a relaxed pace and never quite takes off dramatically. But it does provide a solid telling of Esther's story, and if considered as something of a docudrama, it's successful. The story is clearly told of how the king's chief minister, Haman, had hoped to see the Jews annihilated, but thanks to Esther's intercession the Jews were able to defend themselves and destroy their enemies (events which are celebrated at the Jewish Feast of Purim). The production does provide much of the period flavor of ancient life, and the major facets of the story and portrayals of the characters coincide with biblical accounts.
ID Number : 19377
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Video : The Bible - Jeremiah (2000)

The overwhelming conclusion of this 94-minute movie is that being a prophet is tough. Jeremiah (Patrick Dempsey) is repeatedly imprisoned and beaten, dropped into a muddy well face first, and forced to witness the stabbing death of his fiancée. And all for repeating messages from God, most of them urging the Judeans to submit to Babylon's King Nebuchadnezzar (Klaus Maria Brandauer). Dempsey gives an earnest performance, ably assisted by a strong supporting cast. Writer-director Harry Winer spends the first part of the film on Jeremiah's formative years of visions, moving on to his contentious relationship with King Zedekiah, who ultimately--and tragically--listened to his general (Oliver Reed) rather than the prophet. This bleak film ends with the fall of Jerusalem to the Babylonians and Jeremiah's self-comforting thought that the city will rise again. Parents should be aware of some disturbing violence: in addition to Jeremiah's fiancée's murder, Zedekiah sees his sons fatally stabbed before he is killed.
ID Number : 19373
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Video : The Ten Commandments (1956)

Legendary silent film director Cecil B. DeMille didn't much alter the way he made movies after sound came in, and this 1956 biblical drama is proof of that. While graced with such 1950s niceties as VistaVision and Technicolor, The Ten Commandments (DeMille had already filmed an earlier version in 1923) has an anachronistic, impassioned style that finds lead actors Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner expressively posing while hundreds of extras writhe either in the presence of God's power or from orgiastic heat. DeMille, as always, plays both sides of the fence as far as sin goes, surrounding Heston's Moses with worshipful music and heavenly special effects while also making the sexy action around the cult of the Golden Calf look like fun. You have to see The Ten Commandments to understand its peculiar resonance as an old-new movie, complete with several still-impressive effects such as the parting of the Red Sea.
ID Number : 19371
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