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Accent Modification Center

Communication skills improvement for international speakers of English. Improve pronunciation, fluency, syllable stress and melody of American English. Group, private and corporate programs. Licensed and certified.
ID Number : 18888
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 1  Alliance Francaise de Washington, D.C.

The Alliance Francaise is the largest network of French language and cultural centers in theworld. There are 1300 Alliance chapters established in 112 countries, including 150chapters in the United States, serving 400,000 students.
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 2  Astar Education Institute

Astar Education is a non-profit language school offering Chinese and English classes. Our experienced and professional teachers help you reach your language learning goals for career advancement, higher education, or personal enrichment. Convenient evening, weekend and lunch hour classes available, as well as intensive programs for students who want to learn as quickly as possible.
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Casa Italiana Language School

Since its opening in 1981, Casa Italiana has become the fulcrum for Italians and Italian-Americans in the Greater Washington area and, indeed, for all those who treasure things Italian, by hosting characteristic events and cultural activities throughout the year. From the traditional Lasagna and Polenta Dinners (Italians make good cooks with specialties from both the North and South) to the dances which include the romantic Valentine Gala (Italians made good lovers) and the New Year's Eve Ball (Italians also make good party-goers), there are activities to enjoy for everyone. Choral groups from Italy use Casa Italiana when making their tours of the major cities in the United States.
ID Number : 19351
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Citiwide Computer Training Center

CitiWide Computer Training Center offers computer-based, multimedia, and technology-delivered learning. We provide instructor-led courseware, skills assessment tools, and Web-based training.
ID Number : 15985
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Columbia School of Broadcasting

Columbia has been training individuals for the field of broadcasting since 1964. Over those 40 years we have trained more then 10,000 students across the country and around the world. Our graduates have gone on to host television shows, anchor news, manage radio and television stations, DJ radio, Produce shows, and even produce records. The Columbia School of broadcasting for the Washington Metropolitan area was openend in 1971 and has been training students and supporting the local economy for 34 years. We train individuals one on one, not just for radio and TV, but for presentation of products, and oral contract presentation. We can privately prepare corporate executives and politicians that have to face reporters, television cameras, and public scrutiny. We can assist individuals that have English as a second language better understand dialect, inflection and pronunciation. We are the best known name in broadcast training.
Address: 3947 University Drive, Fairfax, Virginia 22030
Phone: 703-591-6000 Fax: 703-591-6147
ID Number : 21300
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E3 Trainings and Seminars

E3 guides people to the source of their power in a professional, safe, and experiential educational setting. We at E3 work with you to facilitate your breakthroughs in personal awareness and accomplishment. Our workshops will enhance your effectiveness in all areas of life by addressing key issues of adult interest such as career, family, relationships, community, commitment, trust, choice, responsibility, communication, and self-expression. As a participant, you will have the opportunity to explore these areas through your intellect, emotions, body, and spirit.E3 workshops are action-oriented, experiential learning programs that call forth your full and committed participation. Participants are invited to engage in a structured series of interactive exercises that act as metaphors for life. This format allows our students to observe their actions and gain valuable feedback and insight.E3 is not interested in telling participants what to think or how to live their lives. Instead our commitment is to support participants in observing their own beliefs and patterns of thinking, as well as the actions that result from them. At times, participants may experience thoughts, feelings, or sensations that bring new and exciting possibilities.
ID Number : 20437
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English in the U.S.A. at the International Language Institute

The International Language Institute recognizes the importance of English language proficiency. Since 1970, ILI has provided quality English language instruction to thousands of students and professionals from around the world.
ID Number : 9290
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 3  Exemplar Education - Consulting

Provides training, rpvi exam review course, sclerotherapy training-nurses-physicians,rpvi review courses,iac accreditation consulting services,vascular lab-vein center accreditation consulting services
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First Class, Inc. Lifelong Learning Center

First Class, Inc. is a non-profit adult education center offering unique, short-term seminars to enhance personal and professional development.
1726 20th Street, N.W, Washington D.C. 20009
(202) 797-5102 | Fax (202) 797-5104

ID Number : 8669
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George Washington University : Center for Career Education

The Center for Career Education offers many opportunities for adults to find the program that meets their interestsand needs. Students can complete an entire certificate program, or take only the classes they choose. Whilecourses are generally taught on the graduate level, they are primarily designed to provide practical skills andhands-on training, rather than a purely academic background. Classes are offered on an open registration basis;however, prerequisites are required for some classes.
Tel : 202.973-1175
ID Number : 6801
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Goethe-Institut Washington

The Goethe-Institut is a worldwide non-profit organization with 135 institutes in 76 different countries as well as 18 institutes in Germany. The headquarters of the Goethe-Institut is located in München., An important goal of the Goethe-Institut Washington is to foster appreciation for the German language and culture, to contribute to international understanding and to enhance intercultural dialogue with other countries. Towards these ends, the Goethe-Institut offers a broad spectrum of cultural events which present elements of German culture.
814 Seventh Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001-3718
Tel: (202) 289-1200

ID Number : 6644
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Inlingua Language Service Center- Washington D.C.

inlingua ® is committed to helping people communicate more effectively through its programs in language training, translation, and interpreting for travel, technology, science, business, and pleasure.
ID Number : 5864
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TECH: Making the Grade

A 21st Century advocacy campaign targeted at educators, administrators, policy makers and community activists. Hands-on, interactive technology/educational content.
1201 Sixteenth Street N.W.Washington, DC 20036-3290
To arrange group tours call: 202.822-7360

ID Number : 9330
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