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Entertainment Directory Beyond the Roman style pillars of marble and granite lies the pulse of a culturally rich city. This guide offers the many events, nightlife, sights and sounds the Washington DC Metro area has to offer. Have fun!
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Ocean City Summer Beach Guide

Ocean City boasts over 10 miles beachfront resorts. This page gives readers detailed information on the town of Ocean City, Maryland. You can research and plan your entire vacation to Ocean City from the comfort of your home.
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 1  Professionals in the City

Professionals in the City is a socializing and networking organization of over 200,000 members that offers professionals in Washington, DC an opportunity to unwind, have fun, and meet people who share their interests outside of the workplace. We offer original and amazing events every single week. A typical event ranges from as few as 20 attendees to 3,000. We hope you will join us and thousands of other professionals for a great time.

We organize more than 1,000 great events each year to bring the local professional community together and familiarize residents with all the excitement their city has to offer. From happy hours and theme parties at the best clubs and restaurants, to embassy galas, sporting events, outdoor activities and tours, you can be sure there is something for everyone. Whether you are interested in exchanging business tips, learning something new, exploring the city, or finding friends or romance, Professionals in the City has something for you.
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 2  The Joan Hisoaka Healing Arts Gallery at SmithFarm Center

The Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at SmithFarm Center aims to advance the understanding and utilization of the arts to unite, uplift, teach, build communities, transform lives, inspire, challenge, and help find solutions to difficult problems. Exhibitions will focus on meaningful topics of individual, community, and global importance. Funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, the gallery is designed to embody and celebrate nature. The Earth is represented by the reclaimed Brazilian cherry flooring, and the sky is conveyed by floating ceiling panels against a blue-gray backdrop. Recent scientific studies have demonstrated this type of color and design pattern has a soothing effect. The gallery was designed with the intention that upon entering, feelings of tranquility will allow visitors to become more fully present. The vital, living force of nature is represented by two living walls of plants at the front of the gallery and a green roof. Other renovations have included environmentally friendly methods and materials, representing a model for future gallery designs By using these environmentally conscious design practices we affirm that a healthier world contributes to the well being of all. The Joan Hisoaka Healing Arts Gallery will provide a warm and pleasant venue for you and your guests.
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Turley the Magician

Children and family audiences prefer the comedy magic show of Turley the Magician for their birthday party, school, camp, banquet, or holiday event in Washington, Maryland, or Virginia.
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