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ComedySportz a forum for a group of actors (usually unable to acquire bona-fide theatrical jobs, and subsequently have to seek work with the government or another disreputable albeit stable source of employment by day) consisting of two teams that meet on aminiaturized facsimile of an athletic playing field in order to compete against one another in improvisedskits and games with pertinent information supplied by a non-partial and often clueless audience.
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DC Improv Comedy Restaurant

Showtimes: Sunday through Thursday at 8:30 Friday and Saturday at 8:30 & 10:30 For reservations and more information please visit our website.
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Dynamic Magical Entertainment

The best entertainment for your special event with just the right combination of magic and comedy.
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Hokie House

Open Daily 11am-2am Thursdays & Fridays 'til 3am! Home of the world famous Hokie Burger!
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Now This!

Now This! was founded in 1990 as a musical improv troupe. Their shows spoof every style from rock to opera, Shakespeare to Soaps, with every melody, scene and lyric made up on the spot from audience suggestions.
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Otter Productions

This is the home page of Otter Productions, a Maryland based improvisational comedy company. We currently specialize in murder mysteries, musicals, and other original comic material.
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P.A.C.* - *Pretentious Actors Collective

DC's Premier Comedy Troupe, P.A.C. (Pretentious Actors Collective) is a sketch comedy troupe in the vein of Second City. PAC presents sketches based on its players' years of performing improvisational comedy, creating characters and, oh yea, unstable personalities. PAC lampoons subjects from politics & lobbyists, to government organizations & the press, and family & pop culture.
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Recess is GW's Original Sketch Comedy and Improv Troupe. When: Friday Nights, 12 Midnight.
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Riot Act Entertainment

Riot Act Entertainment is DC's new face of comedy. Forget the dank basements and obstructed views. Join us for one of many premier comedy events at GW Lisner Auditorium.
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Ester Goldberg performs her Incredibly funny Game show FEYGELE FEUD every Wednesday. Soon to open her All NEW Cabaret Show with her LIVE band the VIAGRAS Spring 2001 at the all new COBALT.
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The Capitol Steps

The only group in America that attempts to be funnier than the Congress, is a troupe of current and former Congressional staffers who monitor events and personalities on Capitol Hill, in the Oval Office, and in other centers of power and prestige around the world and then take a humorous look at serious issues while providing a nationwide laugh for millions.
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The Truly Fabulous World of Ester Goldlberg

Washington DC's very own District treasure!! She's the hilarious toast of DC..Check out where's she playing and how you can experience the world and laughter of Ester Goldberg.
ID Number : 20546
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Washington City Paper

Updated Comedy Event listings in the Washington DC area.
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 1  Washington Improv Theater

Fun! See shows, register for classes and tap into the creativity that is within us all.
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WIT! - Washington Improv Theater

DC's premier improv powerhouse, presenting short- and long-form improv theater and music in their trademark experimental style. WIT also teaches improv classes helping ordinary mortals find the creative superheroes within.
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