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DC Statehood Green Party

The website of the DC Statehood Green Party.
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Green Power

Green Power's mission is to raise money to finance the campaigns of Green Party candidates across the U.S. The best way that Green party members, allies, and friends can ensure the continued integrity of our candidates is to help finance their campaigns ourselves. Money to support our politics and ideas should come from us, rather than from the outside.
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The Association of State Green Parties (ASGP)

We are state-based Green political parties determined to provide an electoral alternative to a corrupt, corporatized two-party system. We believe that the policy-making processes that determine our quality of life belong in the hands of the people. The current two-party monopoly effectively deprives ordinary citizens of their constitutionally guaranteed rights to representative government.The Green Party believes inempowering citizens and communities. We offer hope and a call to action.
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