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American Conservative Union

The American Conservative Union is the nation's oldest conservative lobbying organization. ACU's purpose is to effectively communicate and advance the goals and principles of conservatism through one multi-issue, umbrella organization. The Statement of Principles makes clear ACU's support of capitalism, belief in the doctrine of original intent of the framers of the Constitution, confidence in traditional moral values, and commitment to a strong national defense.
ID Number : 13322
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American Crop Protection Association

The National Agricultural Chemicals Association (NACA) is the not-for-profit trade association of the agricultural crop protection and pest control industry. NACA serves as a central source of information about herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and other products that help farmers to produce a safer and more abundant food supply. Current programs include the Consumer Information Program (CIP) and the Alliance for a Clean Rural Environment.
ID Number : 12601
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American Electronics Association

Our destination, our goal, our mission is to simply make the high-tech industry better. We believe that by being as innovative as the companies we represent, which include all segments of the industry, AeA will provide exceptional responsiveness to our members' needs, as well as the leadership, information, advocacy tools, and products and services critical to improving our members' competitiveness and bottom-line results.
ID Number : 12571
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American Farm Bureau Federation

American Farm Bureau's Governmental Relations team, based in Washington D.C., consists of registered lobbyists who are specialists on Farm Bureau issues, including: farm policy, trade, budget and taxes, farm credit, labor, transportation, conservation and the environment. They maintain daily contact with Congress and regulatory agencies, appearing at congressional hearings and before agencies on behalf of AFBF and American farmers.
Phone: (202) 484-3600
ID Number : 12589
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American Forest and Paper Association

AF&PA is consistently able to achieve positive results on legislative, regulatory, administrative and trade actions for important issues affecting the industry by bringing the industry together and working closely with policy makers at the national and state level as well as with foreign governments. In addition, publications such as Topline, Forest Resources and State Report help keep all members up to date on important issues and key decisions and facing the industry.
ID Number : 12603
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American Gas Association

AGA develops operating strategies and operates the AGA GASNET industry news service for its members. AGA established the Gas Appliance Improvement Network (GAIN) with the Gas Manufacturers Association to facilitate research and development of gas-fueled appliances. AGA seeks to promote natural gas and related products as superior energy sources to petroleum and coal; thus AGA supports the development and use of alternative motor vehicles and compatible clean-burning fuels and natural gas co-firing rather than implementation of stack scrubbers to reduce emissions from coal plants. AGA testified frequently at the Clean Air Act reauthorization hearings, voicing general support for many of the amendments.
ID Number : 12590
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American Petroleum Institute

The purpose of API is to promote the interests of the petroleum industry in both the public and private sectors. For its members, API conducts research and supplies information on petroleum issues through a number of industry journals and reports. API also sets performance level standards for equipment and petroleum products that are internationally recognized. According to API, in its government relations, it desires to maintain cooperation between the government and industry in national matters, and to promote the domestic and foreign trade of petroleum products. API states that it is dedicated to forming public energy policies that promote environmentally sound use of natural resources while maintaining economic growth, product quality, and health and safety standards. API has been involved with legislation and regulation regarding energy taxes, alternative fuels, clean air, groundwater (wetlands), solid and hazardous wastes (including Superfund), energy conservation, and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
Te;: 202.682-8000
ID Number : 12592
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American Trucking Associations

ATA voices the concerns of the trucking industry, particularly in reference to mandatory alternative vehicle fuels, emissions standards, and highway and fuel taxation. ATA testified numerous times during the Clean Air Act reauthorization process and spoke out strongly against increases in fuel taxes.
ID Number : 12593
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American Water Works Association

An international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply. Founded in 1881, AWWA is the largest organization of water supply professionals in the world. Its more than 56,000 members represent the full spectrum of the drinking water community: treatment plant operators and managers, scientists, environmentalists, manufacturers, academicians, regulators, and others who hold genuine interest in water supply and public health. Membership includes more than 4,200 utilities that supply water to roughly 185 million people in North America. AWWA is dedicated to safe drinking water.
ID Number : 12597
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Armenian National Committee of America

The oldest and largest Armenian American national grassroots advocacy organization.
888 17th Street, NW, Suite 904, Washington, DC 20006
Tel: (202) 775-1918, Fax: (202) 775-5648

ID Number : 7834
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E-Voter Institute

The E-Voter Institute is non-partisan and open to members of political, Internet and business organizations as well as to non-profits and academic institutions. Our research and public events make it possible for students of the subject of the convergence of politics and the Internet to take advantage of variety of new opportunities.
ID Number : 12570
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Edison Electric Institute

The mission of EEI is "to lead, represent, and serve the investor-owned electric utility industry". EEI operates an extensive committee system that links utility experts with industry counterparts who compile, evaluate and share information. This active network of some 4,900 individuals working in 100 EEI committees represents the entire range of industry functions. EEI operates the Electricity Futures Project. The Project assesses the forces affecting America's economy and electricity's role in promoting growth and forecasts electricity demand and overall energy consumption. EEI tracks and comments on a wide range of Federal legislation. In 1992, EEI claimed an interest in the Energy Policy Act and in bills concerning global climate change, reauthorization of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), reauthorization of the Clean Water Act, nuclear power taxes, energy efficiency, renewables, hydropower, and a wide range of issues affecting electric utilities and their customers.
ID Number : 12595
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Environmental Industry Associations (EIA)

The Environmental Industry Associations represents about 2,000 companies that manage solid, hazardous, and medical wastes; manufacture and distribute waste equipment; and offer related pollution-prevention services.
202-244-4700 or 1-800-424-2869
ID Number : 12604
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Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC

The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington, DC, is a local,all-volunteer, non-partisan, non-profit political organization, founded in 1971 to advance theequal rights of gay men and lesbians in Washington, DC. We are the nation's oldestcontinuously active gay and lesbian civil rights organization.
ID Number : 9834
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Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association

MECA maintains close contact with technical experts and policy planners at the Environmental Protection Agency and Federal, State, and local government agencies concerned with environmental issues and regulations. It represents its membership before the Federal government and monitors congressional actions that affect industry. MECA undertakes special studies on issues of major importance to the industry.
Tel : (202) 296-4797
ID Number : 12600
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National Association of Manufacturers

NAM represents the industry's views on national and international problems to government. NAM has an interest in issues such as global climate change, environmental taxes, and air pollution prevention. NAM is concerned that many environmental standards may decrease industrial efficiency and the volume of production due to compliance costs. NAM maintains public affairs and public relations programs and reviews current and proposed legislation affecting the manufacturing industry. NAM also has numerous policy groups: Government Regulation and Competition, Industrial Relations, International Economic Affairs, Resources and Technology, and Taxation and Fiscal Policy.
(202) 637-3000
ID Number : 12602
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National Council of La Raza

The National Council of La Raza (NCLR) is a private, nonprofit, nonpartisan, tax-exempt organization established in 1968 to reduce poverty and discrimination, and improve life opportunities, for Hispanic Americans.
ID Number : 12574
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National Mining Association

The National Mining Association (NMA) is the voice of one of America's great basic industries - mining. It was created in 1995 as a result of the merger of two major organizations representing the mining industry at the national level: the National Coal Association and the American Mining Congress.
ID Number : 12591
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NORML - Working to Reform Marijuana Laws

ORML is a nonprofit lobbying organizationworking to end marijuana prohibition and stop arrests of smokers. The NORMLFoundation sponsors educational, research, and legal programs about thecosts of marijuana prohibition and alternatives.
ID Number : 16575
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Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association

SOCMA - Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association conducts research programs, technical symposia, and specialized committee projects in the diverse field of chemical manufacturing. CHEMSTAR, the Chemical Self-Funded Technical Advisory and Research Division, is composed of 50 panels on specific chemicals and several Business Councils. The panels perform research focused on and advocate the concerns of companies that use or produce the selected chemicals. The Councils allow companies to discuss and develop more efficient operating strategies. In 1988 the board of CMA adopted an initiative to improve the management of chemicals. The initiative is called "Responsible Care: A Public Commitment". The initiative commits member companies to manage their businesses according to 10 principles that respond to public concerns about the impact of chemicals on health, safety, and environmental quality. Participation in Responsible Care is an obligation of CMA membership. The public is involved in shaping the initiative through a Public Advisory Panel. TRANSCAER (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) is a nationwide community outreach program addressing community concerns about the transportation of hazardous materials through the development of emergency response plans. CAER (Community Awareness and Emergency Response) helps communities to develop plans for responding to accidents at local facilities that manufacture, store, or use hazardous chemicals.
ID Number : 12594
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The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

e Criminal Justice Policy Foundation provides informationto policy makers and the public to promote innovative ideas about criminal justice issues,including sentencing, drug policy, and police policy.
ID Number : 16574
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The Institute for Policy Studies

This year the Institute for Policy Studies celebrates its 37th year as the only multi-issue progressive think tank in Washington, D.C. Through books, articles, films, conferences, and activist education IPS offers resources for progressive social change locally, nationally, and globally.
ID Number : 10002
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Water Environment Federation

WEF is an international not-for-profit educational and technical organization of 40,000+ water quality experts. Its mission: preserve and enhance the global water environment.
ID Number : 12596
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