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A Center for Relationships

Offering individual, couples, family, stepfamily and child therapy; seminars, workshops and classes in emotional healing, relationship skills, and personality styles in Alexandria, VA.
ID Number : 4740
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A.R. Bruhn & Associates

Understanding Personal Memories...... The Link Between Your Past and the Present You......Arnold R Bruhn PhD The Topaz House 4400 East West Highway #28 Bethesda, Md U.S.A. 20814 Office: 301-654-2017 FAX: 301-654-4072
ID Number : 3143
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 1  Compassion and Insight for Healing and Growth

A lisenced psychotherapist in Washington DC, Jonathan Kirkendall works wholistically with people suffering from anxiety and depression, dealing specifically with how these emotions effect our relational lives - our lives with our partners, our family, and our selves. A qualified career counselor as well, he also does short term counseling with those who are dissatisfied with their current occupation but are unsure of which step to take next.
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 2  Daybreak Counseling Service

Provides anger management education for those struggling with stress and rage. Individual Sessions, Group Sessions and nation-wide telephone coaching.
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Eating Addictions Anonymous

Diets don't work, in fact they lead to disordered eating. To break free of the diet/binge/purge/obsess cycle, give yourself a chance, and try living in recovery.
ID Number : 6558
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A healthy mind is something we all want. If you would like to have healthier thoughts and feelings then you've come to the right place! Dr. David C. Bissette, Psy.D. Alexandria, VA Phone: 703-705-6161
ID Number : 3145
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Intervention Center

Intervention Center - Family Intervention for Addiction. Intervention resources for alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, computer addiction, other self-destructive behavior. Vaughn J. Howland.
ID Number : 8965
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 3  Karen Osterle, LICSW

Karen Osterle, LICSW, is a psychotherapist in Washington, DC, providing couples counseling, marriage counseling, and individual psychotherapy.
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 4  Keith Miller Counseling

The best outcomes in therapy start with a good fit with the therapist. Why spend a dime before you have a good idea about fit? Get to know me online through my extensive collection of resources on my website including videos, a free online forum and many articles. Start your therapy in your socks if you want to! When you're ready, we can also talk on the phone and I can explain more about my approach, or you can request a free 20 minute consultation in person.

I have a high-volume practice with individuals AND couples. I continually invest in advanced experiential training where I am the subject of intense internal and external reflection. Above any academic techniques I use, this has proven to be the most significant tool in my belt.

I am an advanced clinician that uses a systematic framework (Internal Family Systems Therapy) to help you build emotional/relational intelligence quickly, without recycling what you already know, without depending on my personal opinions to instruct. Test-drive this powerful and safe approach with one of my low-cost seminars.
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 5  Lynn Staton Dworsky MD

I am a Board Certified Adult and Child Psychiatrist in Cabin John, Maryland, with over 30 years of experience. I work with adults, adolescents, children, families and couples in psychotherapy. I also use other modalities as appropriate-hypnosis, medications, meditation, gestalt therapy.
I also treat medical conditions using hypnosis such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, pain from other medical conditions including cancer, migraines, fibromyalgia. I also use hypnosis to help with insomnia and other sleep problems.
I also use hypnosis to help patients to stop smoking.
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 6  Marsha E. Lucas, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Marsha Lucas, Ph.D. is a psychologist in private practice, providing psychotherapy for adults interested in creating a more satisfying life.
She will work with you in a respectful, honest way, integrating several different approaches to suit your needs. Located at Dupont Circle. (202) 331-3318.
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Psychiatric Institute of Washington

The Psychiatric Institute of Washington providescomprehensive behavioral healthcare for children,adolescents, adults and senior adults suffering fromemotional and addictive illnesses. We offer inpatient,outpatient, partial hospitalization, 23-hour crisisobservation, as well as specialized treatment programsfor chemical dependency. 4228 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20016 To make a referral or speak with an assessment staff member and obtain more information call 202-965-8521 or 800-369-2273.
ID Number : 4168
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A place to get your daily tip on how to improve your mental health a day at a time. Extensive resource material included. Robert Michael Foster, MA, 9101 FairHaven Avenue, Upper Marlboro, MD, 20772. Call (301)Total-DC to get acquainted.
ID Number : 5219
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Robin Truitt Psychotherapy Washington DC

Robin Truitt provides licenced Family Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, and Psychotherapy in the greater Washington DC area
ID Number : 22026
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Susan D Berlin Psychotherapy

I've been in practice for 16 years working with individuals, couples and groups. I specialize in treating addicitions and eating disorders, and will work with you to help you have all that you want for yourself.
ID Number : 22785
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The Arc of the United States

The Arc is the national organization of and for people withmental retardation and related disabilities and their families. It isdevoted to promoting and improving supports and servicesfor people with mental retardation and their families. The associationalso fosters research and education regarding the prevention of mentalretardation in infants and young children.
ID Number : 11103
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The Mental Health Referral List of the Washington Capital Area

Licensed therapists and mental health related services in the Washington Capital Area. Therapists are listed by location, specialties, techniques and populations. Additional services listed include, hotlines, inpatient programs, substance abuse programs, eldercare programs, youth related programs, training programs and associations. A speakers bureau and bulletin boards for various therapeutic and support groups.
ID Number : 6338
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The Stress Doc

Online Psychohumoristâ„¢ Essays & Organizational Change Strategy Essays: From Stress & Burnout to Workplace Violence and Online "Romantasy" to Peak Performance. Practice Safe Stress Speaking Programs are learning and laughing edge! Dynamic, interactive and inspiring motivational speaker, public speaker, keynotes and workshops.
ID Number : 3142
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 7  The Wellness Community - Greater Washington D.C.

The Wellness Community is a non-profit organization that helps people affected by cancer enhance their health and well being through participation in a professional program of emotional support, education and hope. All programs at The Wellness Community are provided free of charge to participants.
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 8  Walking on Water, Inc.

Walking on water helps individuals live their dreams now through consciousnes workshops, retreats and training.
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Washington Therapy

Group, Couples, family and child therapy in Friendship heights.
ID Number : 20984
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