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Amma Vegetarian Kitchen

The menu is devoted to variations on the rice, pancake, and bread theme with vegetables, curries, chutneys, and pickles, typical breakfast and lunch combos in southern India. There are yogurt lassis--mango is the favorite--and samosas, triangle turnovers stuffed with potatoes and peas, and vegetable fritters to nibble on as appetizers...READ MORE
344-A Maple Ave., E., Vienna, VA
Tel : 703-938-5328

ID Number : 7003
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Amsterdam Falafelshop

We serve falafels that you top yourself from our wide variety of toppings, and twice cooked Dutch-style fries. You can find a hot meal on the go at almost any hour of the day or night.
2425 18th Street NW Washignton DC 20009
Tel: 202-234-1969
ID Number : 22514
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Fasika’s Ethiopian Restaurant

Fantastic Ethiopian cuisine served in a lovely atmosphere. The separate vegetarian menu includes a great combination dish. Most dishes priced around $10.00. A 10-minute walk from the Woodley Park/Adams Morgan Metro station.
ID Number : 22516
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Java Green

We are proud to promote healthy vegetarian meals and drinks. We not just offer only meals or only drinks. Our meals and drinks are 100% vegetarian and more than 90% of them are vegan. We offer healthy food dishes such as Bibimbob Salad(A Korean Rice Salad with multi-grain rice and bunch of vegetables), Boolgogi & Kimch Box, Mush-Paragus, Green Earth. We also serve healty drinks that include a delicious Soy Latte, Multi-grain Latte, X.O. Green Teatte.Java Green is not only for vegetarians. Java Green is all the people who take care of their health.
ID Number : 22512
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Upscale vegetarian-friendly sushi restaurant with rooftop seating overlooking Adams Morgan. Offers vegan entrees, appetizers, and vegan desserts. Priced from $6.00 to $28.00. A 5-minute walk from the Woodley Park/Adams Morgan Metro station.
1811 Columbia Rd., N.W.Washington, D.C.
ID Number : 22518
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Udupi Palace

The menu at Udupi Palace contains 100% pure vegetarian food with over 100 items to choose from. The menu offers variety of appetizers, soups, dosai, curries, pullavs, breads and variety of sweets all from southern India.
1329 University Boulevard, East, Langley Park, MD 20783
Phone: (301) 434 - 1531

ID Number : 6662
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It is very difficult to find restaurants in the D.C.-area that offer literally no vegetarian options, especially among restaurants that serve ethnic cuisine. Consequently, this listing only includes restaurants that specifically cater to the vegetarian demand.
ID Number : 14676
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Vegetable Garden

Our restaurant is not just another ordinary restaurant, we specialize in vegetarian, vegan, organic and macrobiotic cuisine made up to a large portion from organically grown foods.
ID Number : 14677
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We Keep Capitol Hill Healthy since 1964. We are a health food store and vitamin shop with organic deli and lunch buffet section at the Capitol Hill. Organic juice bar and fresh fruit smoothies are the most popular section of our menu after the wild cought alaskan salmon burger. At the Wellness Cafe we are working to improve the convenience of shopping for the healthy, natural foods you want and need. There is nothing more prized in life then happiness and nothing contributes to overall happiness quite like good health. While we know not all of us enjoy perfect health, there are still many things we can do to improve and a good diet of rich, organic, healthy foods can help you to achive a higher level of health and happiness. Thank you all. M-SAT. 9 AM-7 PM
Show Details | Visit Page | ID Number : 23205
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