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57th Presidential Inauguration Gifts & Souvenirs

Presidential Inauguration Gift is proud to offer select items to help you commemorate this historic day in our nation's history. Since 1789 and the inauguration of George Washington, Inauguration Day has been an important and continuing rite of passage and civil ritual for the political life of our country. Seen worldwide as an enduring symbol of freedom and American democracy, citizens tend to view it as the last part of the presidential electoral process and the beginning of a new presidency. Celebrate this historic day with one of our official Presidential Inauguration Gifts or Souvenirs.
ID Number : 24487
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 1  A Christmas Ornament Co.

Unique Holiday Christmas tree Ornaments Made In The USA.

Christmas Ornament collecting is a great way to remember loved ones during the winter holiday season, or for any special event.

Our ornaments are decorated in various glass, gold, silver, and brass metals with etched and painted enamel finishes.
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Birthday Party Magic Shows by Turley the Magician

Children and family audiences prefer the comedy magic show of Turley the Magician for their birthday party, school, camp, banquet, or holiday event in Washington, Maryland, or Virginia.
ID Number : 22440
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Made In America

Made in America Ornament's purpose is to promote awareness of the American manufacturing base to all her people through a simple, powerful, and cost effective symbol of American manufacturing pride, quality and resilience, and to remind consumers to look for the "Made in America" label. Americans have been manufacturing high-quality goods for hundreds of years and the tradition continues today; the USA has long been the leader in the manufacturing of durable goods, as well as being at the forefront of industrial, agricultural, and technological innovation.
ID Number : 24385
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Made in USA Christmas: Support America – Buy American

The purpose of “Made in USA Christmas” is a campaign to promote goods “Made in USA” or “Made in America” during the Holiday Season. We understand that finding holiday gifts crafted from American manufacturers can be difficult. Please feel free to post stories, comments, and whatever comes to mind about how we can support American manufacturers. We hope to grow new jobs for our community members.
ID Number : 24458
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 2  Unique Valentine Gift

Legend has it that every year Cupid always plays a role in the timeless celebration of love and lovers. Unique Valentine Gift Shop is happy to report that Cupid is real, and desires to help you shop for unique gifts this Valentine's Day (Remember February 14). The sweetest words someone can say are "I Love You." We are here to help make it happen.

Shop with confidence at Unique Valentine Gift Shop; with Cupid's help you will find a gift for your special sweetheart. Rather than rushing out and buying the token box of chocolates like the rest of the herd for your sweetheart this year, we suggest wooing the object of your desire by sending our romantic Message In A Bottle from the comfort of your bathtub or Jacuzzi. Below you will find magical items that will stir the embers of any libido. If you are single, Cupid thinks you should treat yourself to perhaps the Hope Diamond pin or Carmen Lucia earrings.

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Washington DC Souvenirs and Gifts

We have compiled a list of the most popular Washington DC souvenir and gift ideas that are currently available throughout the city. These DC-themed gifts are used as a way of remembering your trip to our Nation's Capitol and also serve as patriotic decorations. From Washington DC Obama souvenirs and Washington DC souvenir plates to Washington DC gift cards and Union Station Washington DC gift shops this list has it all.
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