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 1  Classy Kids Cook!

We are a culinary studio with limited class size. For your child's personal attention and optimal learning experience we strictly limit the number of students per session. For kids from 4 to 18, we offer creative classes that develop important life skills and help them recognize how amazing they are.
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Culinary Thymes Message Boards

Take a recipe...leave a recipe. Browse our message boards for the secrets of down home DC cooking! But play fair. If you take one, you have to leave another of your very own.
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D.C. Central Kitchen

The D. C. Central Kitchen, Inc. is a non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation founded in January 20, 1989 on the premise that waste is wrong, be it food, money, or the potential for productive lives.
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Delicious India

Delicious India is an effort to provide a common platform for everyone who is interested in any aspect of food. We have tried to gather pertinent information and useful resources for everything ranging from cooking, diet and nutrition to shopping for cookbooks, software and kitchen gadgets etc. Delicious India started in 1997 as a site listing recipes mainly from India - (hence the name), but soon began gathering and displaying food related information of all kind.
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La Cucina - Tuscan Cooking Classes

La Cucina Tuscan cooking classes are a hands-on cooking experience. Fresh herbs, vegetable and virgin olive oil are a few ingredients in preparing melanzane sott' olio, zucchini fritatta, gnocchi di patate, etc.
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Les Liaisons Delicieuses

Hands-on cooking classes with Michelin–starred chefs inside their restaurant kitchens while being wined and dined in the most elegant and delicious of fashions!
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 2 - #1 for cooking classes and wine tastings - over 12,000 people have attended our Intro Class "Wine Basics 101"! Whether you want to learn to cook, really enjoy great wine, or just enjoy great food, has over 150 events a year for you! "TasteDC - DC's Taste Since 1997"
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The French International Culinary Society

Leaders of the restaurant and hotels industry created the F.I.C.S. in 1972. Our association is a small but very unique professional association based in Washington, DC. The membership is varied but has always regrouped individuals concerned about the evolution of the techniques use in the food service industry. The members are working together to defend and preserve certain traditions of quality inherent to the French culinary art. We believe that in order to protect these fundamentals the use and learning of specific techniques must be encourage through the promotion and teaching of their values.
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