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Archaea Live-Action Role-Playing and Wargaming

Archaea is an independent game system designed and written by Ed Chang. The original Archaea LARP/W group began in 1992 in the Washington, DC metropolitan area bringing players a new and uniquely different live-action gaming experience. Archaea is complete with padded-weapon combat, a skill-based point-based character creation, a full magic system with a broad list of spells and effects, a rich mythos full of mysticism, and a comprehensive and continuous game world and campaign-style adventuring.
ID Number : 9307
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Darkon Wargaming Club

This is a world of magic and intrigue, a world where powerful wizards and valiant knights square off against the hoards of chaos and evil. It is you who will make the difference on the field of battle in the ultimate test of arms and sorcery.
ID Number : 11279
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Dream Wizards

Dream Wizards Shop has one of the world's largest selections of Pokemon Cards, Games, and Toys, anime collectibles, roleplaying and strategy games -- since 1978. Order online or visit our shop in Rockville, Maryland. Specializingin Pokemon, Magic: theGathering, and Games Workshop products.
104 G Halpine Road Rockville, Maryland 20847
Tel : 301-881-3530 Fax : 301-570-7562

ID Number : 9306
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Games Club of Maryland

We welcome all gamers from novice to experienced. We play mostly board games and card games. We all very flexible and easy to get along with. We have members of all ages and from various gaming and non-gaming backgrounds.
ID Number : 9301
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Maryland Live-Action Role-Playing Society

The University of Maryland Live-Action Role-Playing Society [MLS] was founded in the spring of 1996 to support the continuing Vampire: The Masquerade game College Park By Night. Modified Masquerade rules are used in the biweekly game; all the rules we use are available online.
ID Number : 11278
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Mythic Entertainment

Mythic Entertainment consists of a small group of people dedicated to providing the very best in multi-player gaming. In addition to a professional team of programmers and artists, Mythic works with experienced gamers to produce the highest quality products for the gaming public.
ID Number : 14033
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Northern Virginia Bridge Association

The Northern Virginia Bridge Association is a non-profit organization, founded in 1961,whose goal is to promote bridge and support local bridge clubs. The 1600 member strong NVBA is a Unit of District 6 of the American Contract Bridge League.
ID Number : 11276
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The Northern Virginia Go Club

GO is played by millions throughout Japan and the Orient. It is known as Baduk (Korea) and Wei'Qi (China). Never boring, ever stimulating, GO is easy to learn. It requires both analytical and intuitive skills, with a touch of the artistic. It also teaches patience, calmness under pressure, and respect for one's playing partner.
ID Number : 13895
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