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Carpool Message Board

Interested in sharing the ride to work or school? Choosing an alternative to driving alone is a smarter way togo.
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Commuter Connections

Commuter Connections is a network of Washington metropolitan commuter transportation organizations coordinated by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). Commuter Connections provides one-stop shopping for commuters and businesses, and another way in addition to Metrorail and Metrobus for Washington-located businesses to tap the Extensive greater Washington area labor market.
ID Number : 18836
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The award-winning site, which is one of the most popular destinations for commuters in the region, includes detailed information about commuting alternatives such as Metrorail, Metrobus, VRE, MARC, local buses, car and vanpooling, HOV lanes, bicycling, and teleworking.
A service of the Arlington County, VA Commuter Assostance Program (CAP)
ID Number : 8453
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DDOT Traffic Camera Location Map

Get Live Traffic Information with DC's Webcams.
ID Number : 23897
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Guaranteed Ride Home Program

Guaranteed Ride Home (otherwise known as GRH) provides commuters who regularly carpool, vanpool, bike, walk or take transit to work with a reliableride home when one of life�s unexpected emergencies arises. Commuters will be able to use GRH to get home for unexpected personal emergencies andunscheduled overtime up to FOUR times per year. Best of all, the GRH ride home by taxi, rental car, bus or train is FREE!
ID Number : 7112
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Allows commuters to find out how many minutes they'd save by using the HOV lanes.
ID Number : 13970
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Montgomery County Traffic Cameras

Mont. Co. DPW&T has developed this WWW interface to the County's ATMS VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEM that allowsyou to view many of our traffic monitoring cameras.
ID Number : 7691
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 1  National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running

The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running is dedicated to reducing the incidence of red light running across North America and the fatalities and injuries it causes. The Campaign has assembled a team of leaders from the fields of law enforcement, transportation engineering, healthcare and emergency medicine, and traffic safety, to tackle this crucial safety issue. The Campaign promotes public education about the core safety issues and provides support for broad, coordinated law enforcement, including red light camera technology. Contact by concerned members of the public is encouraged. Special public outreach efforts are conducted during annual observance of National Stop on Red Week, which is held the first week of August.
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North Bethesda Transportation Center

A free service dedicated to providing information about commute alternatives to employers, employees, residents and visitors in the North Bethesda and Rockville, Maryland area.
ID Number : 7694
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SmarTraveler Washington DC

Up-to-the-minute traffic & transit information for the metropolitan Washington DC area -- get information on the route or service you want, whenever you want it!
ID Number : 2495
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Traffic Report from Virginia Department of Transportation
ID Number : 5235
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Takoma Park Highway Design Studio

History of Washington, D.C. highways and the design evolution of humanizing highways for communities
ID Number : 14275
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Traffic monitoring cameras

Mont. Co. DPW&T has developed this WWW interface to theCounty's ATMS VIDEO MONITORING SYSTEM that allows you to view many of our traffic monitoring cameras.
ID Number : 304
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Trafficland’s free service allows users to view video from over 400 traffic cameras in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. Users can set-up multi-camera displays of frequently traveled routes for anytime viewing with TrafficLand's FreeView service. The company also offers access for web-enabled cell phones and PDAs. TrafficLand also offers access to thousands of live traffic camera views in dozens of markets nationwide.
ID Number : 17512
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Washington Post DC Traffic Site

Find out the condition of a road by clicking on a map.See the view from a traffic camera, get rail and bus conditions too.
ID Number : 4509
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Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project

The Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project is more than a bridge replacement project. In fact, it's a seven and half mile reconstruction project, the centerpiece of which is the almost forty-year-old Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Completed in 1961, the four lane bridge joined a four lane Beltway and the two sides of the Potomac River. Designed to carry a 75,000 vehicle per day load in the next twenty years, it reached that design capacity in only eight years. Now, the bridge carries close to three times that traffic volume.
ID Number : 15682
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 2  XTransit Solutions: Accessible Transportation

Accessible transportation for individuals that utilize a wheelchair or other mobility aids, and/or are intellectually or developmentally disabled. Drivers provide "door through door" service if needed, and are trained in First Aid and CPR. Pre-scheduled transportation for medical, recreation, and personal needs. Servicing Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. Groups trips/Tours/Long distance travel/Day trips available. Easy to book your trip on-line at
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